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These standard sets include the instruments most commonly used for the designated procedure. Additional instruments may be needed for your particular use. Please contact your DDP representative for details on purchasing additional instruments.

Glaucoma Surgical Instrument Set

  • Quantity    Instruments

    2      Barraquer Wire Speculum 15mm Adult

    2      Halsted Mosquito Forceps Straight 5"

    4      Backhaus Towel Clamp 3-1/2"

    2       Castroviejo Needle Holder Straight With Catch Smooth 5-1/2"

    2       Barraquer Needle Holder Without Catch Delicate 5-1/4"

    2       Bonn Delicate Scissors Curved 3-1/2"

    2       Barraquer-Dewecker Iris Scissors Delicate 2-1/4"

    2       Castroviejo Caliper 3-1/4"

    2       Colibri Corneal Utility Forceps 1x2 Teeth 0.4mm 3"

    2       Bonaccolto Utility Forceps Cross Serrated at Tips 1.2mm Jaw

    4       Castroviejo Colibri Forceps Extra Delicate 4-1/4"

    2       Westcott Tenotomy Scissors Blunt Tips Spring Handle 4-1/4"

DDP Representative Contact: 

             +1 305 905 1732 

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